Welcome to the Dissectibles podcast.

A place where we can discuss a wide range of topics and voice our opinions.

We have started this podcast in order to allow people from all walks of life to share their personal journeys and highlight issues that may be hiding in the shadows.

Nothing is more frustrating than feeling like you can make a change or a positive impact on the world yet feeling like you wont be heard. At Dissectibles, we believe everybody who has a voice should be given a platform and the support to use it.

So here it is.

Nothing is off limits and everybody deserves to be heard.

My own reasons for starting this podcast.

After running into some issues with my own mental health and relationships. I found great comfort in listening to other people’s own experiences and points of view they have acquired during their lifetimes. I set out to build this website and started detailing my own life experience for people to find comfort in.

Naturally, things evolve and progress and as we find ourselves going podcast crazy as a society, it seemed like the next obvious step. I have high hopes at the time of writing this that Dissectibles will evolve to be a well known platform for people to be heard.

What to expect

Discussions include and are not limited to; Mental health, Parenting, Careers, Religion and Relationships. Anything from the weird and wonderful of the world to what’s going on in personal lives.

Throw on those headphones and get stuck into a podcast that could at the very best change the world and at the very least change your life.

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